Monday, May 20 @ 6:30 PM
VAE Raleigh (309 W Martin Street)

There are big things in the making with SPARKcon 2019! The festival is undergoing big changes and we want to hear from you to ensure SPARKcon continues to be an event "for the community, by the community". During our May 20 community meeting, we will finally have some answers to all the questions about changes to SPARKcon 2019! We will also hear from each SPARK about what activities they are beginning to plan, and start to recruit talent to showcase their skills at SPARKcon!

SPARKcon is an open platform for artists and creative thinkers to showcase their big ideas. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend SPARKcon community meetings to get involved!


Planning the next SPARKcon happens pretty much as soon as the last festival wraps! There are lots of ways that you can participate and get involved-- everything from coming up with a totally new idea, to joining up with an existing SPARK, to volunteering!


Want to share your talents with us folks at SPARKcon? Email Janet!

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